Apartments Investments Victoria BC 

The most common and best understood form of apartment investment for income property is the apartment house.

The apartment house can run from the frame two family house up to the 500 unit apartment complex.

Newer apartment houses are generally wood frame or concrete construction and range from the suburban “ garden type”  apartment house to ultra high -rise apartment building.

See my Income Properties versus Real Estate Investment post.

Older apartment houses of brick (wood frame on the west coast ) construction are usually located in urban areas (although there are a few in older suburban areas). They are generally referred to as elevatored buildings or “walk-ups” (without elevators).

Victoria Apartment Investments

Smaller apartment houses of frame construction are scattered throughout both urban and suburban areas. These generally considered less desirable than concrete and brick apartment house investments, but they may be just right for certain types of investors who want “higher cash flow” or a shorter life span for tax “write off.”

Many larger older homes have been converted into apartment houses. If well located, these can make excellent investments.

With today’s low mortgage interest rates, apartment investors are paying high prices for apartment properties in Victoria and across Canada. Great opportunity for both Apartment owners to sell their income properties and Apartment investors buying Apartment investments with today’s low mortgage interest rates.

Real Estate Investment Trusts are seeking out Apartment investments across Canada for their shareholders. Victoria is a much sought after location for these Buyers in today’s investment market place.

Are you planning on selling one or a portfolio for Apartment properties? Call me 250-413-7042 or email me at fred@fredcarver.com to arrange a time to discuss selling your Apartment Investments. I am currently working with several Canadian Real Estate Investment Trusts wanting to purchase one or several VICTORIA apartment income properties.

CAP rates are low right now, so let’s get together.


Apartments Investment In Victoria BC 

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